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"People’s Choice"
Award Winner for
Best Fish and Chips
since 1975.

One of the most unique places to dine in White Rock is the Moby Dick Restaurant. A family operated local dine-in or take-out favorite since 1975. You feel as though you’ve just dived into a deep underwater world, surrounded by whale memorabilia and suspended fish nets. Enjoy our licensed heated outdoor nautical patio. A family restaurant serving award-winning fish and chips, seafood platters, large burgers, chicken breast entrees, salads and more. Bring your appetite!

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A Recipe for you!

A Rhapsody to Fish

Thanks, Moby Dick, your fish is divine,
I'm sure it was eager to be caught on your line.
The spuds are delicious, and I know Heppell grown,
I'm sure they are happy to be famously known,
To say nothing about the genial staff
At the place on the beach where you get smiles and a laugh.
But there's more to the story than you see from your seat,
Of the good ship "Moby Dick" as you savour your treat,
There's Captain Ralph and Mate Monika too,
And Tanja and Derek who make up the crew.
So enjoy your fish and your light golden fries,
And know that you're sharing in free enterprise.
They'll wish you "Good-bye" and "Do come again,"
And welcome you back with food to sustain.


This poem was presented to the Moby Dick Restaurant to commemorate its 25th Anniversary, 1975 - 2000. It was written by Art Bates, a long-time resident of White Rock, who, along with his wife Frankie and family, have been dining at Moby Dick for all of those 25 years.

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