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Best In Peninsula! 7th Year in a Row!

to Celebrate in 2007, we brought the mayor for her Favorite Fish and Chips!

Ralph Oswald, Tess Pentland, Ryland Clarence, Cindy Knutson,
Danielle Howell, Sandra Rijken, Kirsten Lustig-Graham, Jennifer Holliday,
Aaron Lindh, Trevor Baird, Tyler Woods, Carmin Dreger, Joey Williams,
James Udrow, Monika Oswald, Mayor Judy Forster


People's Choice since the Turn of the Century!

Ever since the NOW newspaper offered a Popular Vote on the best Fish and Chips, Moby Dick Famous Fish and Chips has been chosen as the PEOPLES CHOICE for the best Fish and Chips in the region.

In 2012, that makes us BEST for 13 years running!

Once again for 2012 our adoring public has chosen us the best Fish & Chips around. What? you haven't tried us? Well come on down to the beach and find out why EVERYONE is talking about Moby Dick Famous Fish and Chips!


Now, I know that 13 usually stands for "Bad Luck" but you'll have the best luck if you just come and discover us!


By the way, You'll have to phone "The Now" and ask them to check their math. 2000 to 2012 may "sound" like it's twelve years, but they forgot to call year 2000 as the first year. Count the awards .. 12 along the bottom and one at the top! That's 13 years isn't it? Oh well, they're a great newspaper, maybe they'll only charge us for 12 ads? Do you think?


Even the Mayor is impressed!


Mayor's Letter 2012


Onward, Soldiers of Fish Fortune!

That doesn't make us slack off! No way! We still hand-cut our fries and carefully mix our Famous Batter, so that we know our hard work will pay off ... and we'll win next year's award too!

Thank You White Rock .. (and Surrey, and Vancouver, and Chilliwack and Saskatchewan and ... all our wonderful customers from all over the world!)



Moby Dick:
Famous Fish and Chips
Since 1975