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Moby Dick busily wreaking havoc on some whalers. We suspect he was the founder of Greenpeace.

Herman Mellville. Our Founder. Sort of. Well, ok, he thought up the name. circa 1860.


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Who was Moby Dick?

Moby Dick was a great white whale in the famous novel titled Moby Dick, written by Herman Melville between 1850 – 1853.

Moby Dick was a monster among monsters, the terror of the deep. Whalers had hunted him for years, and all had come off second-best in the battle. Captain Ahab was one of those who had encountered him, and lost. Moby Dick had won by a leg—one of Ahab’s.

As master of the Pequod, Ahab scours the oceans for his deadly eighty-ton enemy, and the log of his voyage makes up an epic of the sea – thrilling, chilling, unforgettable.

Is the food good?

Don't take our word for it! Click Here to read a letter from one of our many admiring patrons. Moby Dick Famous Fish and Chips has been consistently voted the best on the peninsula!

Are the staff friendly?

You Bet!

At Moby Dick, we take care of our staff: Happy Workers = Happy Customers! You can come back again and again and see the same smiling faces. In fact many of our staff, have celebrated over five years of taking good care of our customers at Moby Dick Famous Fish and Chips since 1975.

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