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Kudos for Moby Dick!

At Moby Dick, our community is very important to us. We believe in giving back to our wonderful community and our customers. As you can see from these letters, our community also appreciates us and the things we do for them.

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Many letters include unsolicited praise from our admiring customers.

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We're sure you will appreciate Moby Dick just as much as they do, so

Come On In and enjoy:

Moby Dick:
Famous Fish and Chips
Since 1975

While we're on the subject

It's often difficult to please a Restaurant critic, and some are more difficult than others. Such a critic is Mark Laba, so even a little praise from him is a big high-five for us. And .. he thinks we're great:

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We're number one

Of course, pleasing the newspaper critic is one thing. Pleasing our Customers is more important! And we do: they keep voting us Best on the Peninsula!

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